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Hidromek - Guaranteed Trade Back

Guaranteed Trade Back.

On all new Hidromek orders.

1 year / 1500 hours               A Trade Back price of 80% of the base unit * purchase price

2 years / 3000 hours             A Trade Back price of 65% of the base unit * purchase price

3 Years / 4500 hours             A Trade Back price of 50% of the base unit * purchase price

4 years / 6000 hours             A Trade Back price of 40% of the base unit * purchase price


The following conditions apply:

  • Any damage to the machine outside of fair wear and tear reflective of the machines age will need to be either repaired prior to the machine being returned or deducted from the Trade Back value.
  • Any allowance made to the base unit purchase price such as servicing or additional warranty provisions will not constitute part of the base unit purchase price.
  • Any excess hours over the hours allocated for each Trade Back period will be deducted from the Trade Back value at the respective Onetrak Rental monthly rental rate converted to hourly rate for the corresponding machine model.
  • The unit must be serviced during this period by Onetrak or their authorised service agent.
  • The unit must be in sound operating condition with GET and Track / Tyre wear commensurate with the Trade Back percentage offer. All glass and lights must be intact and operational. Non-authorised additions or attachments must not be fitted to the unit.
  • The unit must be cleaned and returned to the nearest Onetrak branch.
  • Onetrak will trade back the Hidromek unit on any new machine purchased from Onetrak where the new machine purchase price is of greater value or equal to the original Hidromek base unit purchase price.
  • The Hidromek unit can be traded on any machine brand sold by Onetrak including Striker, Fuchs, Dressta, Hyundai and Tigercat.
  • The offer is valid on new Hidromek machine orders placed on or before 31/12/2021.


unit purchase price refers to the purchase price of the base unit plus any additional
buckets or other attachments supplied as original equipment.