A mighty machine the HMK62T!

November 21, 2023
It might be small in stature but it sure is big on performance and versatility. Introducing the HMK 62T Mini Crawler Backhoe Loader: The Ultimate Work Companion

Created by blending HİDROMEK's backhoe loader expertise with new technologies, the HMK 62T mini crawler backhoe loader is a versatile machine. It can do the job of both a mini loader and a mini excavator, making it a valuable asset to any worksite. Its crawler structure, compact dimensions and exceptional performance make it ideal for challenging field conditions, narrow spaces, and rough terrain.

The HMK 62T is a powerful and compact piece of machinery that offers unparalleled performance in narrow work areas, agricultural fields, and any other challenging environments. It has the ability to rotate 360degrees around its axis at a single point, making it highly maneuverable and efficient. With its versatile attachments, the HMK 62T is capable of handling various tasks with ease, providing more than what you need for different works.

Whether you're working on flat or sloping terrain, the HMK62T is designed to increase your productivity with its comfortable and easy-to-use features. You'll appreciate its high level of loading and excavation efficiency, excellent traction, and climbing ability. The backhoe arm has a hydraulic side shift that gives the operator maximum versatility by allowing it to dig from either side of the machine.

Looking for an undercarriage that offers robust, balanced, and long-lasting usage? Look no further than HMK 62T's K-type pallets, specifically designed with steel layers that are extra resistant to abrasion for maximum durability.

The HMK 62T is designed with special attention to occupational safety, allowing for excellent visibility and control in both directions while operating the backhoe and loader. The operator can easily and safely climb on and off the machine with the step on its pallet. The HMK 62T's bidirectional hydraulic system and joysticks on the seat enable the operator to control the machine independently from the seat position. Additionally, the operator can inspect and adjust the attachment on the backhoe side while traveling forward. Even while in digging mode, the operator can effortlessly move the machine forward without changing position. For added safety, the machine emits an audible warning when moving against the working direction.

In the HMK 62T model, fuel and hydraulic tanks are situated at the service point, separate from the cabin. This design ensures that the operator is protected from noise, vibration, and any load on the cabin caused by fluid movements. It also offers easy maintenance and fast servicing through its safe and easy access.

Features of this machine include:

·        Ergonomic operator seat

·        Automatic air conditioning system

·        Openable back window

·        Openable side windows

·        FOPS and ROPS certified cabin

·        Radio and audio system

·        Control with ergonomic joysticks integrated into the seat

·        Interior light

·        12V power socket

·        Personal storage spaces

·        LCD display panel

Recently used by one our Crushing and Screening customers in North Queensland. The HMK62T was used to clean up in and around the plant, areas that the wheel loader or excavator were unable get to. It was also useful to put pipe down for dust suppression, utilising the excavator to dig the trench or hole, even to get clearance under the tail belt. A useful addition to the crushing fleet.

We at Onetrak are proud to offer our customers Hidromek machines, which are built to the highest standards of quality, style and functionality. In fact, Hidromek has won an impressive 29 international design awards for their equipment range – a testament to their excellence. With our machines, you can be assured of top-notch performance and reliability.

If you're involved in a variety of industries such as excavation, infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, landscaping, and industrial development, the HİDROMEK 62T is an excellent option for you. This machine's versatility and affordability make it the perfect choice for your needs.

Onetrak is the official dealer for Hidromek equipment. Visit www.onetrak.com.au or call 1300727 520 to get in touch with the team.

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