All-new Hidromek K4 Series backhoe lands in Australia

September 12, 2023
Find out more about the award winning Hidromek K4 Series Backhoe Loader. Onetrak have the Hidromek HMK 102B Supra Backhoe Loader in stock now!

Arriving this month is the newest Hidromek K4 Series backhoe, on the back of winning two prestigious design awards and being the first backhoe to do so. Thanks to their in-house design studio, the team at Hidromek working closely with their R&D and engineering have created a well thought out, stylish and functional machine.


The backhoe was awarded the top Design Award for 2022 at the iF design awards. iF Design state that their task is to “find and award the submissions with the greatest innovative power – and perhaps discover the next rising star in design.”  It is one of the most recognised design awards in the world.

Hidromek HMK 102B Supra Backhoe Loader

The same year they also won the International Red Dot award which is described by Red Dot themselves as “belonging to the best in design and business”. As the deciding jury stated, “These construction machines are characterised by versatile functionality and performance and are also geared towards a high level of user-friendliness.”

So, what specifically makes the Hidromek K4 Series backhoe so innovative, stylish and high performing?


This powerhouse small machine is suitable for on-road and off-road conditions and can dig and load, and with the right attachments can also perform tasks such as breaking, grading and handling. Other attachments that can be added include forklift, hammer, auger, log grab, pendulum bucket, snow plough, scrap and paper collection bucket, bottom opening (big bag) bucket, stone collecting bucket, trapeze bucket and ripper.

Interior of the Hidromek K4 Series Backhoe


Like many of the Hidromek machines in the range it has the largest cabin volume in its class. The operator is comfortably able to work in front, behind and to the side as the joy stick is integrated into the seat. There is also an added feature of the Autotilt seat, (patented by HİDROMEK) that allows the steering wheel to lift automatically while rotating back and allows easy access to the either position. There is also a Shifter Button for Backhoe or Loader Function that allows the operator to control the backhoe or loader functions without changing the direction of the seat when needed.

Power and efficiency

Hidromek K4 Series backhoe can increase your productivity, as its strong structure and efficient hydraulic system provide maximum break out force even at lower revolutions, it also has a high oil flow. The K4 series backhoe loaders are 20% faster with accelerated movements via the improved loader cylinder design, which allows you to complete more work in a shorter period of time. This also produces more work with less fuel making it 3% more efficient.


Hidromek have designed their own operator interface system called Opera. The system is controlled through a rear screen whereby the operator can adjust and access many features including:

•  Speed adjustment

•  Bluetooth radio control

•  Data and details on operating hours

•  Machine status information

•  Maintenance time control through periodic maintenance screen

•  Control of breaker line valve from inside of the cabin

•  Adjustment of backhoe side from inside of the cabin through hydraulic table shifting system

•  Easy attachment changing through quick coupler

•  Automatic fuel transfer pump

•  Additional installation - the hydraulic hand tools needed by the operator can be used with the help of the machines hydraulic line

•  Compressor that provides instant elimination of pressure losses that may occur in tires

At Onetrak we know our Hidromek machines are quality, stylish and functional, but being supported by these design awards (Hidromek have won a total of 29 international design awards for its equipment range)helps us to spread the word.

If you are involved in excavation, infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, landscaping and industrial development the HİDROMEK K4Series backhoe loader and its versatility could be the economical answer for you! Contact our team at 1300 727 520 for more information.

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