Fuchs- a game changer for Top Dollar

March 22, 2024
The MHL331 is known for its comfort, exceptional visibility, and convenient pre-start access. At Top Dollar operators find this model to be both sturdy, comfortable and reliable.

Karl Alfaro is the owner of Top Dollar Metal Recyclers, offering an innovative approach to scrap metal recycling. Their new location at 203 Miller Road in Villawood provides competitive rates and prompt service for cars or trucks.

Top Dollars certified weighbridge is designed to handle trucks of all sizes, including semi-trailers. With separate entry and exit points on different streets, they guarantee minimal wait times. On average, customers spend less than 10 minutes on site. Payments are instantly processed through the "osko" banking system, ensuring that the funds are in their customers account by the time their vehicle leaves the premises.

Top Dollar has been operating in the scrap business for 20 years, the company initially focused on non-ferrous products before transitioning into the steel market around 2005. For about 16 years, they were located on Fairfield Road before relocating to their current site. Initially, they used tracked excavators to load semi-trailers for domestic use.

On-site, arrange of machines are utilized for processing the scrap metal and additionally demolition projects. These include excavators, shears, shear balers, and a processing plant. These are used to sort the metal and remove any non-metallic contaminants and prepare for further shredding, cutting or compressing in preparation for loading the scrap metal to send to its final destination.

In more recent years Top Dollar had decided to export their steel, but encountered challenges when they realized their existing equipment, mainly excavators and grabs, were not suitable for the task. While these machines were effective for loading open semis for local transportation by grabbing materials of various sizes and compacting them, different equipment was needed for loading containers bound for overseas shipment.

After conducting thorough research and seeking advice on the most efficient way to load containers for overseas shipping, they acquired a second-hand Fuchs MHL350,which proved to be a game-changer, significantly improving the process. Packing 24ft containers with steel was streamlined by positioning the container upright, allowing for precise material placement with minimal space wastage around the steel. The Fuchs machine facilitated easier access during the process. Karl highlighted that the Fuchs machines are also easier to repair then their competitors, and not as prone to dipper arm breakages, providing added benefits.

Overtime as the business grew another machine was needed. Once again, they completed their due diligence and researched other brands but as they were happy with the Fuchs already and it really stacked up against other brands in relation to durability and precision they went ahead with the purchase. They opted for a smaller model, downsizing from MHL350 to MHL331 due to limited space. Karl said, “Our team puts the equipment through its paces, as this industry can be quite demanding on machinery and the Fuchs definitely holds up!”

The MHL331 is known for its comfort, exceptional visibility, and convenient pre-start access. At Top Dollar operators frequently use the same machine, which encourages a feeling of responsibility towards maintenance and overall machine care. They find this model to be both sturdy, comfortable and reliable.

Excited for the ongoing support and services that continue to grow with Onetrak's expansion. Top Dollar is delighted with Onetrak's staff and their responsiveness to servicing and repairs. During Onetrak’s Field Technician Dan Mills' recent visit, Karl noted that he accurately diagnosed the issue, estimated the repair time correctly, and even offered some additional tips. His personable nature and extra advice were greatly appreciated. “As the equipment ages, reliable backup support becomes increasingly vital”, stated Karl. As the business continues to grow Top Dollar are looking at a third machine, most likely the MHL350, later in the year.

Onetrak is the official dealer for Fuchs Material Handlers in Australia. Visitwww.onetrak.com.au or call 1300727 520 to get in touch with Onetrak and the team.

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