Machese Excavation purchases the Hidromek HMK230MG Grader

May 6, 2024
Paul talks us through why they choose to purchase a Hidromek Grader

Marchese Excavations & Bin Hire are based in Three Bridges, Victoria. MEB is a national company that has earned a reputation for excellence in civil construction. Despite its regional location, MEB has undertaken and completed numerous successful projects throughout Australia. Paul Marchese the Operations Manager of Marchese Excavation and Bin hire states, ‘Our family has been involved in earthmoving, agriculture, trucking, and transportation for nearly four decades with over 30 machines running primarily on the East Coast of Australia’.

The company prides itself on offering a broad range of assets, including a modern fleet of Trimble GPS-equipped plant machinery. They remain flexible in their approach to both client and operational needs, and provide a safe, efficient, and top-quality service in all aspects of their operations. They also have a team of highly trained and qualified employees and have recently purchased a Hidromek HMK230MG Grader to add to their fleet for a contract with Vic Roads.

‘We only have one grader for this job as it travels throughout Eastern Melbourne helping maintain the roads. We use a combination of both dry hire wet hire to meet our customer’s needs.’ Says Paul.

Paul also mentions that ‘We have had experience with numerous graders, across many different projects. Including one that was used in the same job 25 years ago! Since we recently regained this government contract, we were looking for a similar grader to the one we used in our initial contract, as we knew that was able to meet the project requirements.’

Paul talks us through why they choose to purchase a Hidromek Grader? ‘Well, it was one of the few graders available in that size with the same feel and build quality as their previous machine. It was also clear that Hidromek used quality, well known parts and componentry for their machines, which was important to us when regarding reliability and locating parts for future servicing and repairs.’

The Journey with Onetrak started with the Rental fleet. For the past four years, Marchese Excavation have been hiring Hidromek diggers from Onetrak's rental fleet and have been very satisfied with not only the machine's performance but also the quality of service provided by Onetrak. During a recent visit to Onetrak’s Hallam branch, Paul explains, ‘We noticed a grader in the yard. One of our team members got in touch with Rhodes and scheduled a demo in NSW. After a brief demonstration, we quickly realized that this was the machine we were looking for.’

We asked Paul, ‘Have you gathered feedback from your operator regarding the new machine?’ his response was, ‘According to some older operators, the controls are similar to those of the previous grader, making it easier to navigate. The machine is also fuel-efficient and simple to service. The construction seems durable and sturdy, while the cab layout is superior to others of its size. After test driving several other machines, this one felt the most solid with the features we were looking for.’

In conclusion Paul gives his thoughts on Hidromek and Onetrak? ‘In general, our experience has been positive. Faysal (National Product Support Manager) and Rhodes (National Rental Manager) were great to work with. We haven't experienced any major issues with parts availability., We're hoping to secure another contract soon and if this goes ahead, we are looking to purchase another Hidromek grader from Onetrak in the near future.’

If you're looking for a quality grader, please explore the Hidromek range that originates from the tried and tested Mitsubishi brand. Today these graders have progressed into modern, more powerful and extremely refined machines under the award winning Hidromek brand. See the range from 12 tonne to 18 tonne and contact your nearest Onetrak dealership on 1300 727 520 for a competitive quote.

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