Mechlog and their fleet of Tigercat

March 22, 2024
We recently had the pleasure of chatting with one of our major Forestry customers Jillian and Anthony Brown form MechLog.

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with one of our major Forestry customers Jillian and Anthony Brown form MechLog.

Mechanised Logging Pty Ltd (MechLog) has been offering specialized timber harvesting services to the softwood and hardwood plantation timber industry and is celebrating its 30th Birthday this year. The company started its operations in Northeast Tasmania in 1994. Since then, it has expanded its operational capacity throughout Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria.

With a history of success as an innovative forestry services provider, MechLog's forestry operations business has seen continuous growth. Their success is attributed to an organized approach to harvesting operations that enhances time and production efficiencies, all while maintaining a strong focus on minimizing environmental impact. Known for embracing cutting-edge technology in the Australian timber industry, MechLog aims to optimize yields for clients using renewable timber resources. By fostering strong relationships with clients and end-user customers, MechLog is well-positioned to meet the needs of current and future contract providers.

Recognizing their vital role in the timber harvesting process, MechLog ensures the efficient delivery of top-quality products to achieve favourable outcomes and meet end-user demands. Through their ethical and sustainable practices, MechLog upholds its vision of becoming a preferred harvesting services provider in the Australian timber industry, all while upholding the core value of 'Forestry with Care'.

MechLog have an extensive fleet of machines, including five Tigercat HL855E Harvesters, three equipped with a Waratah harvester head, one with a 26-inch hot saw, and one with a Waratah FL100 directional felling head. Additionally, their fleet features a Tigercat LH822E Harvester with a 23-inch hot saw and three Forestry Hidromek excavators.

The partnership between MechLog and Onetrak originated from the initial purchase of a Tigercat LH855E Harvester. The combination of industry experience and a focus on communication has meant the relationship has flourished. Anthony and Jillian value the accessibility of our Managing Director, David Hazell, and our expert sales team.


MechLog still have this original machine, which is continues to be operational 10 years later, having worked 18,000 hours. This is one reason why they have remained loyal to the Tigercat brand and Onetrak. MechLog also attributes their repeat business to the machine's performance, stability, reliability, and support. In January of this year, they received their latest Tigercat machine, another LH855E model. MechLog emphasizes that the standout feature of these machines is their exceptional uptime. Anthony mentions, “It is very rare you have a fault that takes it out of action.”

MechLog, in contrast to other brands, considers Tigercat’s machinery to be on par with other purpose-built brands in terms of performance but excels in stability on steep slopes. The operators at MechLog admire this feature and commend the minimal machine movement during operation. Tigercat's focus on comfort and the latest interior enhancements are highly praised, with a move towards a car-like interior, offering excellent visibility from the cab, comfortable seat positioning, and low noise levels. The accessibility for servicing is also highly regarded. Anthony also reflects on the overall design, stating it is great and the subtle improvements model by model make a difference. The factory listens to feedback they get.


The exceptional support from the Tigercat factory provided by Steve Green sets a high standard for customer service. This along with Onetrak’s quality of service is appreciated my MechLog. Onetrak’s Territory Manager for Tasmania Rodney Onions was also recognised by Mechlog for his dedication and ability to get things done. It's clear that the team is focused on ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering top-notch service.

Onetrak is the official dealer for Tigercat equipment in Australia. Visit or call 1300 727 520 to get in touch with Onetrak and the team.

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