Orana Enterprises latest purchase of the 632H Skidder

January 23, 2024
Onetrak recently caught up with Dwayne Kerrison from Orana Enterprises in Tasmania to chat about their fleet of Tigercat and the latest purchase of the 632H Skidder!

Orana Enterprises is a Tasmanian-based business that specializes in timber harvest and haulage. As a family-owned local business, they provide services to both customers and landowners in the Tasmanian forest industry. Orana’s services include the harvesting and hauling of timber, through to the unloading of the timber at some customer sites.


Orana’s team is currently working on an essential project that involves native forest thinning. This active forest management and climate adaptation tool is crucial to support forest health and resilience. The process of selective removal of individual trees is aimed at improving or maintaining the ecological value of the forest. Dwayne mentioned, “they have 5 sites doing this kind of work, and at these operations they use a feller buncher, harvester, skidder and log loader.”


Dwayne said that they have owned other well-known brands of skidders. However, the majority of the skidder fleet is now Tigercat with 2x 630D, 1x 632E and 3x 632H (latest model) skidders which Orana have been very happy with.


According to Dwayne, Orana's decision to upgrade to the latest Tigercat Skidder 632H was necessitated by an older skidder that had reached the end of its serviceable life. Considering that they were already familiar with the Tigercat range and had a large fleet of Tigercat equipment, it was an easy decision to purchase the latest model skidder. The outdated skidder was on the verge of causing production issues and delays in the process. Dwayne emphasized that partnering with Onetrak was a smart business choice due to their extensive availability, excellent deals, and reliable backup and support.


“Our initial contact with Onetrak was around 2014/15 when we required a feller buncher and a couple of skidders to complete a high production plantation hardwood job. Onetrak and Tigercat provided us with excellent solutions as we began to transition a large portion of the fleet to purpose-built products, moving away from excavators with attachments. We were, and still are, very pleased with their services”, said Dwayne.


Orana have always been aware of the reputation and superiority of Tigercat equipment within the forestry industry. Dwayne talked about starting out and how they didn’t have enough work or money to justify the capital outlay for a Tigercat machine initially.  However, their experience in the high production hardwood plantation job that commenced in 2015 proved the overall value of Tigercat equipment.


Dwayne said as they gained experience in those early years, they soon realised that the “cheap machines were only cheap to purchase. In the long run, high maintenance costs and retained value aren’t as good with some of the cheaper gear. They can end up costing more.” As the asset life expectations on the excavator with attachments was around 5 years and with the Tigercat purpose-built machines; for example, Dwayne stated, “we have harvesters that have been working 8 years already and still on the front line, basically doubling the life expectancy of the cheaper machines. They’ll easily wear out two harvester heads.”


“Our operators especially love the H model skidder. It is roomier, with turnaround seat controls, fantastic visibility and heaps of power which they love,” said Dwayne. The biggest change in the new model is the cabin, maneuverability, low noise and comfort, which is greatly appreciated by Orana’s operators.


“Our experience with Onetrak and Tigercat has been fantastic. They are wonderful to work with, responsive to the needs of their customers and willing to have tough conversations when necessary. If issues arise, they are quick to resolve them in a timely and effective manner, understanding the urgency of getting the job done and getting the machine up and running quickly. In addition, Tigercat's Steve Green offers exceptional technical support in Australia. Dave Hazell, the Managing Director of Onetrak, is accessible if required and capable of making swift decisions. We also have other contacts within Tigercat if necessary, which makes a big difference,” Dwayne concluded.


Onetrak is the official dealer for Tigercat equipment in Australia. Visit www.onetrak.com.au or call 1300727 520to get in touch with Onetrak and the team.

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