Tigercat 480B mulcher & 4061 mulching head

May 27, 2019
The newest addition to Tigercat’s machine offering, theTigercat 480B Mulcher was launched in Australia in May with in-fielddemonstrations in Trawalla, a 30 minute drive from Ballarat in Victoria. ‍

The newest addition to Tigercat’s machine offering, the Tigercat 480B Mulcher was launched in Australia in May with in-field demonstrations in Trawalla, a 30 minute drive from Ballarat in Victoria.

A group of local customers including mulcher contractors and forestry contractors joined representatives from Onetrak (the official Tigercat dealer in Australia) to learn more about the new machine and see it working on-site. Tigercat’s Australian Product Support team were also in attendance together with factory representative Rob Pentesco, Product Manager and Head of Engineering for Tigercat’s 700 and 400 series machines.

Contractors had the opportunity to view the machine working and got the chance to have a closer look at the machine during a presentation by Rob Pentesco and Glen Marley from Tigercat.

“Tigercat always puts a lot of resources into supporting their machines and having factory representatives on ground for new machine releases is another testament to their commitment to the Australian customers”,says David Hazell, Onetrak MD.

“We have had the Tigercat 480B mulcher fitted with the 4061mulching head operating here on a stump grinding site for a few days now and we are all very impressed with its performance. It is a very challenging environment that really puts the machine to the test, and it handles these conditions very well. It is obviously a very dusty environment but the visibility from the cab is great. The machine is fitted with three cameras that can be monitored simultaneously with a split screen making it very safe to operate. The ergonomic electronic joystick steering is very adaptable and makes the machine easy and smooth to operate”.

According to mulcher carrier product manager Rob Pentesco,“We are continually trying to improve efficiencies in order to achieve better fuel economy and direct as much power as possible, no matter what size carrier to the attachment. We are always making sure the robustness of the carrier meets our customers’ expectations. Tough, Reliable, Productive is Tigercat’s philosophy and we always aim to achieve those goals.”

The 480B is equipped withan efficient, high capacity cooling system with a variable speed fan and automatic reversing cycle, a dedicated attachment pump and an efficient closed loop track drive system. Inside the cab, the operator has ergonomic electronic joysticks and excellent sightlines. LED lighting now comes standard along with double grouser track shoe on the tier 4 final carrier.

“This demo has showcased the machine working on a stump grinding site, but this machine is also ideal for vegetation mulching, clearing regrowth, right of way clearing for powerlines, land subdivision and fire breaks, says David Hazell”.

The 480B mulcher isTigercat’s largest machine in its category with 407 kW (546 hp). Other machines in the line-up include a smaller tracked 470 mulcher and two rubber tyred mulchers; the M718E and the M726E.

The Onetrak team has just completed factory run product training for this model with the sales and aftersales teams ready to support these machines. If you would like to learn more about this machine or have aninterest in a demonstration please contact Onetrak on 1300 727 520 or visit www.onetrak.com.au.

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