Tigercat’s largest, most popular forwarder on the market in Australia

July 1, 2024
The 1075C Tigercat forwarder isa severe duty 25-tonne forwarder built for extreme terrain and the most demanding, high production forwarding applications.

The 1075C Tigercat forwarder isa severe duty 25-tonne forwarder built for extreme terrain and the most demanding, high production forwarding applications.

Tigercat forwarders are engineered to deliver high production rates and the lowest cost per tonne in the most challenging transportation applications. They are built tough for high duty cycle applications, heavy loads and challenging terrain. The 25 tonne 1075C now fitted with Tigercat’s own 25 tonne rated bogies is the largest forwarder available on the market and the most popular Tigercat forwarder in Australia.

The 1075C features the largest crane, providing exceptional productivity with the most cost-effective performance per ton. With an innovative low-wide bunk system and Tigercat's high-capacity hooked crane, operators can lift heavier loads with greater slew torque compared to other cranes in its class. This unique combination extends the crane's operational range, reducing machine movement, cutting downloading and unloading time, enhancing productivity, and improving operator visibility and ergonomics.

Hooked crane profile and low-wide® bunks

The Tigercat F195T85 crane is a standout, by lifting 20-30% heavier loads at the same reach in comparison to other forwarder cranes on the market. Furthermore, it offers 22-66% more slew torque than its competitors. The crane features a tapered roller bearing in the slew base, designed to last the lifetime of the machine, a notable upgrade from the plain bearing and spherical rollers found in alternative cranes.

The crane's hooked design extends the crane's working envelope, minimizing machine travel and enhancing efficiency. The true advantage of the crane is its synergy with Tigercat's innovative low-wide bunk systems. These angled bunks lower the gate height and eliminate the need for a sliding gate, boosting productivity by allowing for larger payloads in scenarios with lightweight wood and limited load space. Paired with the hooked crane, the low-wide bunk system significantly reduces the risk of contact with the gate or bunk stakes, while improving operator visibility and comfort. Operators benefit from a clear line of sight to the load's top, leading to precise log placement and faster cycles. Moreover, the grapple remains visible throughout the loading and unloading process, reducing operator fatigue. The low-wide system is available for all Tigercat forwarders.

Tigercat 1075C Forwarder with hooked crane!

Tigercat grapples

Since an average of 50% of the forwarder duty cycle is spent loading and unloading, increasing the number of logs per crane cycle is another way that Tigercat is improving overall machine productivity and reducing forwarding cost per tonne. The FG43 and FG53 series Tigercat grapples compliment the crane with larger load area capacities at 0,43m2 (4.6 ft2) and 0,53 m2 (5.7 ft2) respectively. The grapples are fitted with thick-walled bushings for extended service life.

Operator’s Station

Tigercat forwarders are equipped with a modern, well finished, spacious cab with extended windows for excellent visibility to the load area and the ground. The large window area provides an open feeling, reducing the perception of being confined in a machine cab for long periods. A quiet environment is important for operator comfort and productivity. The forwarder cab is insulated, and isolation mounted for reduced noise levels and vibration. Sound insulation is used under the cab, on the engine wall area, and the engine hood to reduce driveline and engine noise. All connections to the cab use bulkhead fittings to reduce noise transfer.

The Tigercat forwarder also comes with the Tigercat F30 production monitoring system, designed to oversee the workflow of the forwarder operation, enhancing performance and productivity. his system optimizes efficiency and productivity throughout the entire process, from the stump to the mill. It offers comprehensive productivity monitoring reports, a large touchscreen display, connectivity with the machine's computer control system, a map view for tracking progress and wood location, customizable features, easy file uploads via a USB device, and an optional payload scale system for real-time load information transmission.


Tigercat forwarders have unsurpassed service access to all electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems. Access to the engine, driveline and pumps is through the tilt-out hood enclosure and tilting cab. All the hydraulic valves and computer control modules are located in one compartment in the wagon frame. Easily accessed from ground level, hydraulic adjustments are simple to perform. Thanks to short wire connections between control modules and adjacent valves, electrical reliability is exceptional.


WideRANGE hydrostat transmission

Experience both speed and tractive effort simultaneously with Tigercat's WideRANGE infinitely variable transmission. You no longer have to select between high or low range as the machine has access to the full speed range and full tractive effort at all times. This system is mechanically reliable and has been proven in the field over millions of hours. Designed and produced by Tigercat.

The 1075C is a proven performer in demanding, extreme duty cycle applications. Onetrak is the official dealer for Tigercat in Australia and is proud to support the Australian forestry industry. For any of your forestry needs please contact Onetrak on www.onetrak.com.au or call 1300 727 520 to speak with our forestry experts.


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